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  1. Registration :

    Register for an account on our web site by filling in your user name , password and your email address in the registration page or in the quick registration window in the sidebar, owning an account on our website is a required option so we can identify you and forward your credits or other gifts to you afterwards
  2. Collect Few Points :

    Directly After registration go to the earn points page and start collecting few points in order to exchange it with your own favorite prize, collecting points is a very easy step and it takes from you only 5 minutes or less to collect 30 points.
  3. Redeem your Prize(s) :

    After you collect the appropriate amount of points equivalent to your preferred prize, go to the redeem prize page and select your own prize then you shall get it within 3 days

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IMVU credits

This is the most asked prize and the most claimed prize so far, With our free service you have the chance to collect as most IMVU credits as you can and cliam it directly to your real account.

Points / Prizes :

30 points = 250000 Cr (IMVU Credits)
25 points = 160000 Cr (IMVU Credits)
20 points = 70000 Cr (IMVU Credits)
15 points = 35000 Cr (IMVU Credits)
20 points = The IMVU Ultimate Cheats Guide
15 points = Free V.I.P Upgrade
You need 70 points before you can redeem a prize.
Note : You will get free 10 points after registration.

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